1988 東京生まれ


            2012 多摩美術大学 卒業


            2014 常滑陶芸研究所 修了









                                             2015 個展 「生物博覧会」

                 (FUMA CONTEMPORARY TOKYO)


           2016 個展 「inside」


           2017 個展 「TRANSFORMATION」





  Naoko Oku





      1988 Born  in  Tokyo,Japan


      2012 BFA in Ceramic Art at Tama Art University(Tokyo,Japan)


      2014 Completed training at Tokoname Ceramic-Art Laboratory in 2014      


           Currently works on ceramics in Tokoname-shi, Aichi prefecture, Japan




           Recipient of the second prize in the 27th Yokkaichi Banko Ware      

           Competition 2013

           Prize winner in the 31st Chouzashou Tokoname ceramic art exhibition